Explore The World Through Their Eyes

Explore The World Through Their Eyes

What are flowers made out of? What’s in the water? What do bugs look like up close? Curious little minds want to know! Quench their thirst for knowledge of the natural world with a real-working microscope designed just for them. 

MicroscopeSturdy enough to withstand rough little hands, this microscope offers the powerful magnification needed to see with up to 1200X magnification. They’ll receive everything they need to collect specimens and observe them like a real scientist, all in one convenient storage carrying case. 

Take a nature walk and retrieve a sample of water from the oceans, rivers, ponds or lakes. Leave out a bucket and collect rain water to observe, or even sample droplets of juice, hand soap or other liquid items. They’ll be amazed at the microscoping creatures squirming around that are normally invisible to the naked eye! 

With your help, your child can dive deep into their early interest in natural sciences as they discover the world around them. See what hair looks like close-up, or observe the cells inside of a fallen leaf. There are so many ways that your child can use this Essential Scientific Learning Tool every day!

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