Go Fish!!!!

Go Fish!!!!

Fishing GameFinding ways to encourage screen-free play is becoming more and more important for parents these days. Making time for quiet, reflective and educational play can be a challenge in itself, but getting back to basics is easy with the right interactive toys at hand. 

This sweet fishing set is the perfect way to introduce young learners to numbers, letters and colors while encouraging hand-eye coordination all at the same time. With colorful, magnetic wooden fish and a fishing pole designed just for them, they’ll love trying to reel in a catch over and over again! Magnetic toys make an excellent, easy to understand way to introduce your child to cause and effect as well as basic scientific principles all while they play! 

Fish gameIs your child having difficulty learning numbers or letters? With fish representing numbers 1-10 as well as the full 26-letter alphabet, your preschooler or early learner will love this interactive method of learning. Practice makes perfect as they fish and identify numbers and letters over and over again! 

Challenge your child to pick up the letters in their name or to only fish for vowels, or simply try to fish for the letters in alphabetical order! There are so many ways your budding little angler can enjoy this low-tech game. Whether they’re enjoying some quiet, independent play or proudly showing off their prize to you or a friend, this Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game is sure to please! 

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