Moving, Shaking, Music Making Fun!

Moving, Shaking, Music Making Fun!

Children learn about their world through exploration, and that includes using all of their senses and extremities. From young babies just learning to sit to toddlers and preschoolers, this music making machine offers a variety of fun functions at all levels. They can use their hands or feet to stomp out tunes on the soft surface, record their composition and even play their songs back!

PianoBut wait… there’s more! This piano also has different musical modes including guitar, drums, trumpet and more. Plus, when your little one is all finished rocking out, this piano mat folds up and stores away easily until they are ready to play again. Unlike other touch-responsive musical toys, this mat is soft, making it ideal for even the youngest, most fragile little music makers. Plus, this mat has a non-slip back, making it safer to use on hard-surface floors. 

If you’ve been looking for a musical toy addition to your playroom or learning center, this music mat is sure to fit the bill. You might even find yourself cutting a rug and tapping out a tune with your child! 

Who could forget the FAO Schwarz floor piano scene in the 1988 movie Big?

Well, your little Mozart might not get the reference, but one thing is for sure; floor piano’s are just as fun as ever! This soft, portable piano offers all of the high flying fun of Tom Hanks playing Heart and Soul in your very own home!

Get your floor piano mat here!

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