Let's Go Shopping!

Let's Go Shopping!

Cha-ching! Is your child a fan of going to the grocery store? Are they always eager to play pretend? Round out their play centers with a cash register and groceries designed just for them! 

cash registerThis real working register offers a variety of fun functions designed to help build self-confidence, foster independence and support essential developmental milestones. From counting cash to practicing hand-eye coordination and more, this interactive playset makes using their imagination and learning fun!

With this unique playset, you can help your child learn the concept of money and pretend to be their own boss. Join in and play along as they ring up groceries with the real working scanner and weigh them on the scale. Price check? The included microphone makes calling out to shoppers even more fun! Watch as they push buttons, pack up produce and enjoy the thrill of running their own grocery store. 

cash registerAlready have a pretend play kitchen in your nursery or playroom? This cash register and play groceries set is the perfect addition! Use your existing plastic food items to add more variety, or stock these toy grocery items away in your play kitchen to make their pretend play come full circle. However you play, this interactive set is sure to brighten your child’s day!

How would you incorporate this Play Cash Register & Grocery Set into your child's learning? Comment below for your chance to win an exclusive HBBC gift card! 

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