Six Sides of Fun!

Six Sides of Fun!

Young babies learn about their world through all five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Often, parents assume that it takes multiple objects to entertain and engage their children in meaningful and educational ways. Sometimes, it just takes the right all-in-one toy!

Funny drum Our busy box offers a whole way for them to learn  all wrapped up in one six-sided package. Through stimulating their vision and hearing, they’ll be sure to hone in on their grasping skills, improve their hand-eye coordination and form early problem-solving skills. Plus it’s just plain adorable.

With a new surprise to discover on each of the six sides, this busy box truly lives up to its name. With buttons to push, shapes to push through holes, musical instruments to play and so much more, there’s always something to do. Each of these activities are also designed specifically to support grasping, hand-eye coordination and other essential milestones every child will need as they learn and grow.

With soft pastel colors and gentle illuminated effects, this unique busy box is stimulating but easy on the eyes. Cute, friendly faces, soft curving lines and child-friendly sounds all work together to ensure that your baby will want to reach for it again and again! Plus, this versatile toy is lightweight and portable, so you can always have a way to entertain your little learner on-the-go.

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