HoneyBee Baby Co Supported Schools of Learning

Montessori Early Learning Skills

  • Promotes movement, emotional control and math patterns.
  • Encourages young learners need to create order.
  • Fosters interest in small objects and vocabulary.
  • Supports hands-on learning with physical sensation of letters, numbers and shapes.
  • Utilizes music to stimulate cognitive learning.


Reggio Emilia Learning Skills

  • Supports the school’s student-driven style.
  • Offers the freedom to express and explore ideas using movement, active listening, and hands-on activities.


Waldorf Early Learning Skills

  • Incorporates a self-driven learning style
  • Builds a passion for education through artistic activities in academic subjects.
  • Lessons are experiential, not just studied, and encourage your student’s creativity, independence, and deep understanding as they explore.


High Scope Early Learning Skills

  • Brings the act of play front and center for all learning.
  • Teachers encourage development, problem-solving tactics, and conflict-resolution skills by acting as a play partner through hands-on projects.


Bank Street Early Learning Skills

  • Incorporates the intellectual and emotional changes that occur at each age with every lesson.
  • Uses an interdisciplinary approach so students engage in education in a meaningful, emotional way.

Parent Co-Ops

  • A collection of like-minded parents that work together to create curriculum for their children.
  • Keeps the parents in the loop with their child’s education and development and helps build a sense of community.

STEM Early Learning Skills

  • Promotes early academic success by exposing young students to early math and science.
  • Observing and interacting with the environment through play.
  • Uses problem solving and persevering skills to build a foundation for engineering.