Audible Flash Card Vocabulary Learning Toy

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Guessing game for added fun!

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I can read it myself! Give your little wordsmith the tools to learn new words all on their own with our Early Learner Electronic Flash Card Reader system. This essential learning tool features a deck of cards with vocabulary cards and matching images every young learner should know. Simply insert them into the flash card reader to hear the words on the card spelled out loud!

Sit with your student and see how many cards they can read or make it a guessing game for added fun! These English language words are ideal for bilingual students as well and can help anyone easily learn basic words like colors, numbers, food and more. This set comes with over a hundred flash cards so you’re child or student will be sure to be challenged from beginning to end!

  • Includes 112 flash cards and electronic reader (battery included)
  • Introduces young learners to word recognition through sight and sound
  • Fosters independent learning and phonics
  • Versatile use; Ideal for schools, daycare or at-home play

Dimensions: 4” x 3.5”

Weight: 12 oz.

Material: Plastic and manmade

*Lithium battery included.