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Baby Bear Wrap

Baby Bear Wrap

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Cocoon your child with warmth & love in the cutest way possible!

**** Voted #1 Baby Wrap  ****

Give your baby the ultimate comfort this winter. Wrap them in the Baby Bear Wrap. So soft and cozy, let them feel just like being hugged by mommy's arms!

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Design for babies, portable and efficient! Serves as a sleeping bag, blanket, crib wrap, or clothing in just 1 cloth. A very practical way of saving expenses on different baby clothing needs! Give comfort to the baby whether they are asleep or awake.

The Wrap Swaddle provides full coverage and all-around protection. It has a cute bear hood that keeps the baby’s head and faces protected from dust, wind, and sunlight.  

Made with thickened Lamb Wool inside and outside.  Complete with velcro closure to fit all babies.


  Overall Hat and Body Design
Protect the baby's head from the cold or very warm air.

  Best Baby Shower Gift
Gift this to any moms you know. Ideal as a christening or baby shower gift for all expecting moms!

  Simple Velcro Design
Easy strap included for extra protection, and will not let the baby feel strangled. This will also not affect your baby's natural growth! 

  Material: Thickened lamb wool

  Size: for 0-3 months:21.7*11.4in / for 3-6 months:25.7*13.4in

  Weight: 250g

  Colors: Khaki, White, Blue, Pink, Red

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