Cognitive Matching Game Wooden Toy Box

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Help make learning numbers, shapes and everyday objects fun for you and your little one with our wooden cognitive matching memory game box.

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This simple, low-tech toy features a slotted lid, matching charts and cards so your early learner can easily mix and match to their hearts desire.

Sit with your child and help them to recognize shapes, numbers and everyday objects as they match them to the cards. Learn fruits and vegetables, modes of transportation, animals and so much more with these universally appealing images. Plus, when you’re all done, the cards and charts store away inside the box until you’re ready to play again!

  • Wooden box with slotted lid, matching cards and charts
  • Fun and simple memory game for preschoolers
  • Easy and fun to set up and play with
  • Great for cognition, memory and image recognition
  • Ideal for schools, daycare or at-home play

➡️ Dimensions: 4” x 11” x 3”

➡️ Weight: 1.3 lb

➡️ Material: Wood

➡️ For Children Ages 3+