Colorful Counting Bears and Stackable Cups Game

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Make learning a little more fun for you and your little one with our colorful counting bears and stacking cups! Whether your baby or toddler is just learning about numbers or is already counting by tens, these cheerful little friends make learning fun!

You’ll receive sixty adorable plastic counting bears that fit right in the palm of their hand and come in six irresistible colors. Use along with the cupcake-style stacking cups to help them distinguish colors, learn about sorting, foster early math skills, or create games of their own!

  A fun counting game for preschoolers
✅  Six different primary colors
✅  Encourages interactive play with parents or caregivers
✅  Ideal for home or school-centered learning
✅  Early math and cognitive skills

👉 Teaches counting, colors, sorting, and math.
👉 Use in a variety of ways to expose your little one to crucial learning skills.
👉 Ideal for at-home play centers, schools, daycares, and churches.

✅ Includes

👉 60 counting bears in 6 colors
👉 6 stackable muffin-style cups

Dimensions: 11” x 7” x 5” (280mm x 185mm x 125mm)

Weight: 1 pound

Material: Plastic