Early Bird Gets the Worm Counting and Coordination Play Set

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You know what they say about the early bird! Show your child the fun and excitement of getting all the worms with this interactive counting and coordination playset. Designed in bright primary colors with a fanciful bird, worm, and tree playset, this unique magnetic toy is one they’ll turn to again and again. 

Whether playing with you or independently on their own, this set makes a game out of counting and learning hand-eye coordination. Show your little one how to use the included magnetic woodpecker to coax out the colorful worms from inside the tree and then “feed” their baby bird!

Change out the leaves in the included tree to also learn about the seasons and make playtime educational and fun. 

  • Magnetic bird toy
  • Colorful magnetic tipped worms
  • Storage log for worms
  • Tree with interchangeable seasonal leaves

👉 Coordination and key developmental skills

👉 Teaches hand-eye coordination.

👉 Encourages problem-solving skills.

👉 Ideal for at-home play centers, schools, daycares, and churches.  

👉 Creative and independent play

👉 A fun way for small children to identify colors.

👉 A new way to learn about nature and the seasons. 

👉 Encourages creative and independent play. 

👉 Early math and counting skills.

✅ Dimensions: 8” x 4” x 11” (210mm x 110mm x 280mm)

✅ Weight: 2.4 pounds

✅ Material: ABS Plastic and magnets