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Florescence Sink Bath

Florescence Sink Bath

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Are you tired of crying babies during bath times?

Our baby  Florescence sink bath makes wonderful bathtime memories!

The  Bath Lotus is the most luxurious and premium bath ever. It has an elegant design and features four petals and a thinner foam. These wider petals create a safe seat that cradles a baby like no other bath can. Improved crystal minky fabric makes the Blooming Bath Lotus a breeze to wash and dry.
  • Baby Bath Essentials: The Florescence sink bath is essential as This has large contoured petals that offer optimal sink coverage and comfort for your baby.
  • All-round protection: The flower-shaped 4 contour petals create a safe seat, which provides comprehensive protection for the baby to bathe in the sink.


  • Soft Material: The Florescence sink bath is made of premium polyester which is skin-friendly and makes the baby feel comfortable.
  • Dries up quickly: After the bath, squeeze out the absorbed water from the flower baby bath mat by applying pressure on it and then hang it for drying.
  • Soft and breathable: The breathable and elastic filling material makes it easy for water to flow through during the bath, which improves the comfort of the newborn’s bathing.
  • Fast and quick to dry: just switch off the water and put it into the dryer for 10-15 minutes or let it dry in the fresh air by hanging it.
  • Perfect gift: For new mothers, having such a soft and safe bath mat can be said to be a perfect gift.




  • Size: diameter 80cm
  • Color: Available in 6 different colors.

  Let your baby be familiar and comfortable when bathing anywhere you go!😇


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