Four Ports Car Fast Charger

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Love taking your kids on long car drives and trips to new and exciting destinations but are frustrated with the constant battle over whose device will charge? No more!

This four-port car charger is a must-have for all parents! Simultaneously charge your phone, keep the GPS running, charge your children’s kindle or game console and your co-passenger device. Yes, this four-port car charger is the only intelligent power solution you need when in the fast lane!

❇️ Easily charge four devices simultaneously

❇️ Each port offers a maximum charging speed of 6.2A

❇️ 5-foot charging wire included

❇️ Charges CE, FCC & RoHS certified devices

❇️ Smart technology and the built-in smart chipset ensure all devices receive the same charging output - no overheating danger!

👉 Whether you travel with your children frequently or are part of a carpool, you have multiple devices in your car at any given time. How do you keep up with all their charging needs?

👉 An intelligent power management solution with multiple charging ports and 5 protection features all rolled into one smartly designed device is all you need!

👉 This charging device features four USB charging ports, each with a maximum charging speed of 6.2A. The total output of the device is 8000 (mA). With its 5 safety features, you’ll enjoy protection from overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and temperature.

👉 With its universal compatibility, you can plug any CE, FCC & RoHS certified device—iPhone, Samsung, Kindle, game console, camera, sports watch, power banks, GPS, and more. It really is the ultimate on-the-go charging solution!

👉 The box includes one 5-foot micro USB charging cable of superior quality and a Velcro strap to keep your cables neatly wrapped.

Perfect For Family Travels: With two ports for the back seat and two for the front, you don’t have to worry about devices running out of power before reaching your destination. Keep your kids happy and entertained and your journey safely mapped.

Universal Compatibility: Charge any device hassle-free—whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, Kindle, game console, camera, sports watch, power banks, or GPS! The device is compatible with all mainstream vehicles, too—whether you have an SUV, truck, car, etc.

Smart Design: The 5-foot charging cable attached allows for comfortable charging from any seat in your vehicle. No more removing seatbelts and moving closer to charging ports! The creative clip design allows you to clip the device and the charging cord to the back seat pocket—keep your car’s interiors neat.

Smart Charging Technology: With the QC3.0 charging interface, smart chip for even distribution of charge, and fireproof casing, you have protection from overheating, overvoltage, short circuits, and overcharge.

 ➡️ Material: PC Fireproof

 ➡️ Size: 7.9 cm x 5.0cm x 1.6cm

 ➡️ Output Current: 8000 (mA)

 ➡️ Operating Temperature: 50(℃)

 ➡️ Color: Available in sleek Black