"Grabby Hands” Textured Sensory Balls

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Babies and toddlers are hard-wired to want to put everything in their mouths! Grasping and tasting is how your busy bee explores their world and is an essential part of their development. Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to hands-on playtime with our child-safe set of textured sensory balls.

Designed just for little hands and mouths, this six-pack of sensory balls features a variety of colors and fun textures for your baby or toddler to explore. Ridges, knobs, divots, and more are molded on these high-quality balls that they’ll want to grab again and again. Constructed of easy to clean, child-safe silicone in bright primary colors, these sensory balls are perfect for every home toy center, daycare, school, or church. 

  • Encourages independent play
  • Helps to foster and support critical developmental milestones
  • Teaches grasping and intellectual development
  • Sensory play with textures, colors, and shapes
  • Versatile use; Ideal for schools, daycare, or at-home play

➡️ Weight: 7.7 oz.

➡️ Material: Silicone

➡️ For Children Age 6months+