Lily The Baby Elephant

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from HoneyBee Baby Company

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When we ask what makes elephants so cute, we definitely begin by picturing baby elephants. Their playfulness, loving silliness is a connection point for us. Baby elephants are so new to the world, and they are fearless and curious, much like our own children. They chase little birds through the green pasture with their tiny trunk. Their look and actions are just so adorable, that they steal our hearts.

A child’s first friend, plush or blanket is important, and one they keep for years upon years. Lily The Baby Elephant exemplifies all the love and affection a baby elephant can bring to a plush doll / pillow. She's the perfect plush that grows to be your child's best friend! Lily comforts both the heart and mind, affectionately warming everyone that look into her loving eyes.

Children grow healthier when they feel safe and feel loved. And when it comes to feeling safe, huggability tops the list! Lily is the perfect size to hold and make any child feel secure.

We think you'll be surprised. Because Lily has a wonderful way of drying every tear. And has a huge open ear, ready to listen to any problem, and clear up all worries.

  • Can Be Used As A Pillow To Snuggle Into
  • Created With Soft Plush Material
  • Assist's in Child Development
  • Encourages children to Imagine & Create Their Own Little Imaginary Worlds
  • And "Lily" Introduces Children To The Most Gentle Of Animals

LILY THE BABY ELEPHANT comes in 5 different colors to choose from, each with beautiful embroidered eye!

  • Natural Grey

  • Happy Yellow

  • Playful Pink

  • Airy Blue

  • Luxurious Purple


LILY THE BABY ELEPHANT comes in 3 different sizes to choose from:

  • Huggable 40cm (M)
  • Adorable 60cm (L)
  • Gentle Giant 80cm (XL)

Lily The Baby Elephant is huge on cuteness and can easily be kept clean by being tossed in the wash at 30°C.

🌼100% Cotton, 🌼 Hypoallergenic 🌼 No Ironing 🌼 No Dry-Clean Necessary and 🌼 No hard plastics to be concerned about.