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Moodie Blocks Montessori Expression Building Blocks

Moodie Blocks Montessori Expression Building Blocks

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ūü•á This is the #1 rated education toy that helps develop children's hand-eye coordination and simulate sensory development.¬†

‚úćÔłŹ Teach your little one all about emotions, shapes, color recognition and more!¬†

Introducing interactive puzzle game that building children's hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development. Each side of the blocks has a different cartoon expressions and there are 50 cute emoticons on the directive cards!

The Moodie Blocks montessori puzzle toy helps develop children's knowledge in shapes and color recognition, and as well as encourage them put the puzzles into different and matching combinations to practice independent thinking. 

With a cute and fun appearance, children will quickly concentrate and enjoy this toy! It stimulates children's attention and enhances their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, hands-on ability and fine motor skills.

Also, the interesting game keeps children away from electronic screens, which helps protect their eyesight. Perfect for creativity, children will always feel fun with the puzzle game in the learning process!

Great as Christmas, Birthday or Rewarding gift for children to stay away from electronic products.


  • Teach your little one about emotions and moods: Helps your child understand the concept of emotions and different moods. Teach them what it means to be happy, sad, angry, surprised, and more.

  • Encourages Hand-Eye and Brain Coordination: Helps your child refine their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as they manipulate colorful¬†puzzle¬†pieces to put the¬†puzzle¬†together. They develop the small muscles in their hand that allow them to grasp and move¬†puzzle¬†pieces with precision.

  • Boosts Interest In Learning:¬†Completed with colorful pictures, funky shapes and expressions, this montessori building block puzzle helps build assembling skills and keeps your child amused!

  • Hassle-Free Teaching:¬† Offering fast, fun, and addictive entertainment.¬† This game promotes children's interpersonal skills and deepens friendships between children.

  • Screen-Free Activities:¬†Providing a hands-on learning experience, reduce distractions from screens/electronics while maximizing fun! The sturdy packaging box makes this toy portable. Kids can play with their family members as well as their school classmates.

  • Safe For Children:¬† The cube expression blocks are made of eco-friendly wood covered with smooth and safe water-based paint which is odorless and non-toxic and perfect for children to play.

(1) Shuffle all game cards and buckle them to the desktop

(2) Each player chooses a color and the corresponding color square (two squares and a rectangle)

(3) Start the game: Put the blocks in your hand into the shape of the game card at the fastest speed.

(4) Winner keep the card then repeat the next round with new card.

50 Paper Cards + 16 Wooden Blocks together with English instruction manual

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