Safe and Secure Mini LED Flashlight Keychain

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Need a light? From early morning commutes and dark, deep diaper bags to late-night gymnastics practice, every parent ends up needing a little extra illumination now and then. Get all of the LED light you need without the bulk with our clip-on flashlight keychain.

This powerful beam of light offers the security and visibility you need in dark parking lots, poorly lit hallways, or wherever you could use a little light.

Clip-in on purses, backpacks, or diaper bags so you’ll always have a bit of illumination wherever you go! With three different levels of intensity, you can use this flashlight for reading in dark spaces, camping, early morning walks and so much more.


  Ultra-bright and powerful LED light.

  Small and portable; easily fits in a pocket, purse, or small bag.

  Clip-on with keyring; attach to a backpack, diaper bag, or use as a keychain.

  Three different settings of intensity.

  Three Lighting Modes:

👉 Strong: For when you need the most illumination possible.
👉 Low: For when you need soft lighting. ‘
👉 Ficker: For when you need a safety signal.

✅ Weight: .9 oz (27g)

✅ Dimension: 2.6” x 1.4: x .5” (62mm x 36mm x 15mm)

✅ AAA battery (not included)